Coach Heller’s Training Glossary


⁃ There is a purpose for every exercise that is prescribed. It should be clearly stated. The global intention of the workout is set forth so you know what exactly your focus should be.


⁃ Training in a virtual environment offers a unique challenge of not being present during your workouts, so we have to rely on other means of assessing intensity. Rate of Perceived Exertion Scales (RPE) are ideal. However, this scare can take on many form with each scale going from little to no effort to Nearly impossible: 1-10, 6-20, Green-Yellow-Red, I’ve even used and animal scale (this was with some young kids).


Rep Range

⁃ If you’re unable to achieve the low number in the range then decrease load. If you’re able to go way past the high number in the rep range then the load may need to be increased.



⁃ Eccentric:Isometric:Concentric are the phases of a movement that can be modified to increase the intensity of an exercise and is counted in seconds per phase. 0 indicates that a movement should be performed as fast as possible and is usually saved for explosive movements. If a tempo is labeled N/A then special attention is given to other aspect of the exercise.

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